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You are trying to get your “millions of ideas” out of your head while you keep existing programs and offers going in your business. At the same time, you are trying to “level-up” and grow your team AND still enjoy your freedom (which is the reason you started this business in the first place!) But things are pretty loose and un-systematised. You don’t even have time to explain it to someone else to get the help you need. Gah!

I get it!

All of the conflicting information and cookie cutter sloutions are just another distraction from YOU connecting with more of the people who need your help to grow.


You are in the right place.

I am a marketing consultant and business technology coach.

I help intelligent, intuitive business people and healers by teaching and implementing online business solutions that help you reach more of the people that need your business.

image of Natasha Berta on conference call

What kind of things can you do with #berta?


Learn about marketing online, technology that will make your life easier, social media, email marketing, video marketing, websites, sales funnels and more….

Work together

Do a one on one session with me to gain clarity, momentum and make positive change to your business and marketing. 


Maybe you need a whole new site or maybe you just need to refresh your current site -maybe you just need a little issue sorted out. We can help you. 

You can also get regular updates from #berta

Never miss the lastest #berta free training or marketing offer and stay up to date with the latest #bertaMarketing insights on The List.

Do All of Your Content Creation in 2 Hours a Week

Are you tired of getting sucked into the Facebook vortex?

Endlessly scrolling and forgetting what you even got on there for.

Wasting time – you need to be understand what to post and when to post?

This could be for you.

I have created this eBook based on my system for creating content.
As an added bonus – you also get regular emails with marketing information to help your business grow. 

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