I’m Natasha

A marketing consultant

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Working Together

You and I can birth your eCourses, Sales Funnels and more. Any idea you have is a real possibility with the right help. Let’s talk.

Done For You

Whether it’s your website or your social media and emails, I love to play marketing. It’s my favourite game, so let’s turn your work into my fun.

About Me

I’m a Marketing Consultant and Technology Coach. I love to help people with their online presence. That means websites, social media, email marketing and video marketing. I am an eCourse and Sales Funnel midwife. I’ve helped to birth many E-babies and I look forward to talking to you about yours. I love to help ideas become a reality because you and I both know that ideas are not hard to come by – it’s making ideas come to life that is the real challenge. Don’t go it alone. Book a chat with me and let’s get started today.

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