Do you want to understand how Pinterest can help your Ā business?

How to actually get people over from Pinterest to your website?

And then what to do with them if they are on your website?

This post is for you!

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If you are blogging and on Pnterest then this process is perfect for you.

The first thing you need to do is create a Pinterest-friendly image to include in your blog post. Mine is directly above this text šŸ™‚

Then your blog post is “pin-able” for website visitors.

Next, you need to start pinning these images over to Pinterest yourself. Hopefully, they will get some traction and start attracting people to your website.

The icing on the cake of this process is to have the Facebook pixel installed on your website so you can advertise directly to theseĀ people who are definintley interested in what you are offering and have a degree of brand-awareness. These kinds of people are sometimes calledĀ “warm” prospects (ew! LOL).Ā 


Use the How-To video below for the complete instructions. Work along with me and remember to click pause.

Then tell me how you went in the comments – share your link to your Pinterest-ready blog.


How-to Get Your Website Pinterest Ready

by Natasha Berta

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