Often when I work with people I get a sense that the idea of writing an amazing blog posts or creating a killer freebie for their email list creates a state of contraction in them; they don't want to give away their gold for free. They are worried that if they tell people too much or give away too much for free that people won't come for paid sessions with them.

I am here today to smash that idea to pieces and help you to create content and freebies that work to attract the audience that is ready to buy from you.​

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Each of your creations gives a different kind of value to your potential client. Let's break this down.

When a person reads a blog post - what value do they get?

They get information, empowerment, ideas, inspiration, autonomy and more.

Now, when a person has a one on one session with you - what do they get?

They get a customised service, they might get self care, nourishment, relaxation, reduced anxiety and more.

So, if you write a blog post which explains something to a potential client they are experiencing the values that a blog can deliver - which are different to what they get from a session.

Plus - your blog post has given them:

  • brand awareness - your fonts colours and messaging have sent subtle messages to the person about your business
  • a sense of who you are, what you do and how you are - especially if you delivered content using video - then they know how you sound and your mannerisms
  • energetically and at a soul level they have experienced you and if you are meant to work together, the seed has now been planted
  • a lot of value and a new neural association between the issue or goal and YOU. You are hard wired. 
  • give them a free printable in the blog post (without having to sign up) and they now also have your logo, name and business brand on their fridge, in their journal or on their desk.

Are you with me here?

Similarly, a freebie that outlines a part of the process of working with you can actually help you onboard people and walk themselves through the preparatory steps towards working with you!

This is where your marketing can be really clever and actually make less work for you!

Is there something that basically everyone needs and if only they had done it before they see you, your sessions would go so much better?

You can give people a checklist that helps them do the simple first steps of your process and make life easier for you.​

Now, look at this Value Pyramid from https://hbr.org/2016/09/the-elements-of-value and tell me in the comments what kind of value your opt-in delivers and how that is different to your eCourse.

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I know this is contentious advice. I know a lot of business coaches tell you not to give away the punchline. To keep them hanging.

I disagree.

Plus, I know you are a giver.

I know that even charging for your services can feel weird because what you do is a choiceless choice. You are here for this divine purpose and you would do it for free.

Don't give your services for free.

But do give.

Give until you become a void.

A void that sucks new, fresh things into it.

Like new customers.

Like money.​

Your generosity and authentic service will create a relationship between you and the recipient that will connect you in a positive and beautiful way.

You know you are only a channel anyway - for that person to transform and for you to be transformed by them. And you know that contraction is fear - not love. Love is to give without concern for reward.

Create your blog posts and freebies in the spirit of that knowing and you will attract the right clients.

Happy Creating 🙂

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