Are you wasting time in your day wondering what you should be doing?

Do you sometimes start off great, with a to-do list of champions but end up hanging around, procrastinating because you couldn’t figure out which thing you should do first?

I wonder if you have connected with your business vision lately?

A clear business vision can do a lot of things for you; it can make it easier to get up in the morning because you’re so excited about making some shiz happen, it can make you more productive because you know where you are heading, it can help you with personal boundaries because you are clear on your WHY.

But how do you get a business vision?

There are lots of ways. You can explore your values and spend some time journaling. You can daydream and then map out the steps of how to get to the vision.

Or you can do this quick visualization.

Listen along to this visualization and then fill in this worksheet.

The Visualisation


What now?

How did you go?

Stay tuned for the next steps on the blog “How to Turn Your Business Vision into Powerful Daily Actions”.

And here’s my little rant about Business Vision 🙂

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