You might be losing customers if your website image size is not right.

Have you ever had the images on your website look pixelated, a bit blurry or just weird in general?

Does your website take aaaaaaaaages to load?

There’s a chance that the size of your images are not quite right.

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Why does image size matter?

If your image is not big enough it will display all fuzzy and pixelated and this makes your website look shabby.

If your image size is too large your page will take ages to load and people might click away from your site rather than wait for it to load.

If your image size is not right, you’ll be losing customers either because it looks so daggy or because it simply won’t load.

So, let’s show you how to figure out what size your images are and what they should be!

The dimensions and platform that this video was done in are:

A WordPress Website

Divi Theme

But, it doesn’t matter what kind of website you have the same principles apply. You can use Google to find the perfect dimensions for your website and theme or check out your website support for more information.

And stay tuned for the next blog post on how to resize your images using Canva.

I am a Divi theme affiliate. If you click any of the Divi links on this page I may receive a financial compensation on any purchases you make. I am an affiliate because I love love love Divi and rave about it to everyone AND I use it on my own website as well as set up websites for other people using the Divi theme. So if you don’t want me to gain any financial benefit or feel weird about it you can just Google Divi and check it out independently 🙂

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