Natasha leading women about social media

Hi there. I’m Natasha Berta….

I work with intelligent, intuitive business people and healers who have figured out what they are here for and are ready to establish and grow their businesses online. 


One of the best pieces of praise I ever got from a client was:

Natasha helps to bring clarity around what your value is in your service. She asks great questions which lead to personal clarity about your message, services and communicating with your people.
On top of this (in just a short session) I was able to gain clear direction and focus including options to expand and grow in a way that made sense to me. Her clear marketing advice seemed to hit the mark for exactly WHERE I AM AT. 
I often think my business is kind of obscure because it is personal development and experiential training with focus on mental, spiritual physical aspects of awareness. It is totally refreshing to find someone who gets that and has a depth of life experience which helps facilitate practical changes with real understanding of your spiritual or heart centered business.
I highly recommend.

Helping people to gain clarity and make changes in their marketing and business that creates growth, like that,  makes me so proud and drives me in everything I do.


If you’re looking for clarity around your day to day marketing activities and actionable ways to turn your millions of ideas into money, I’d love to work with you too.

I’ve got a Bachelor of Commerce with Majors in Interactive Marketing. I made it to the Dean’s Merit list when I graduated at 38 years old. I’m newly appointented to the Bega Chamber of Commerce executive and have run social media & marketing workshops for local political parties and business networking groups. I’m a registered Evernote Community Leader and I have been living as a Yogi and Meditator since I was 16 so I ‘get’ personal growth and spirituality.


shamanic alter with candle, crystals and white sage

My background is in yoga and mindfulness which means I am like one of JP SPears’ “Ultra Spiritual people” – yep – I talk about everything as if it is energy. 

But that doesn’t mean I’m fluffy.

See me in action on my YouTube Channel.

#berta YouTube

I have a tonne of free videos over on YouTube. Stalk me out over there and see me in action.

When I’m not supporting intelligent, intuitive business people and healers to grow their business I can be found:

Developing an art practice

Cooking gluten free and sugar free treats

DJ-ing at local events





If you are dying to know more, here are 3 things most people don’t know about me:

  1. I used to shave my head and wear orange.
  2. I adore swimming in the sea – my family say I’m part dugong.
  3. Most of my friends call me Yo.

Want to learn more about how we can work/play together?

Here’s your next move:

Book a free 15 minute evaluation chat now

If you think I am your gal for one on one support, you can book a complimentary 15 minute chat. This is just for us to suss each other out and see how I might help you.

Natasha is THE go to person on all things social media marketing…..(she is) an expert in her field.

Kathy Wong

Chief Happiness Officer, Moeloco

Natasha helped me see me for who I really am and extract my brand personality within just a few minutes.
Sometimes when you’re stuck in your business, to have a fresh set of eyes and perspective is so refreshing and Natasha’s combination of marketing smarts and intuition is magic.
After a session with her I am ready to show the world what I got!
Tess Philip

Book a free 15 minute evaluation chat now

If you think I am your gal for one on one support, you can book a complimentary 15 minute chat. This is just for us to suss each other out and see how I might help you.

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