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What is an email list?

Have you heard about having an email list? Do you have one? Today I’m going to explain a bit about what an email list is. This is blog number one in a series of blogs about list building so stay tuned. If you’d like to get reminders about the other 7 articles in this...

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Super Simple SEO

I know SEO can seem overwhelming - something you need a specialist for - but here is one Super Easy SEO trick you can do yourself! (plus a fancy expert may charge you a bunch to do this for you - among other things - no disrespect to SEO specialists - we love you :)...

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Is Your Image Size Right on your Website?

You might be losing customers if your website image size is not right. Have you ever had the images on your website look pixelated, a bit blurry or just weird in general? Does your website take aaaaaaaaages to load? There's a chance that the size of your images are...

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Quick Guide: Business Vision

Are you wasting time in your day wondering what you should be doing? Do you sometimes start off great, with a to-do list of champions but end up hanging around, procrastinating because you couldn't figure out which thing you should do first? I wonder if you have...

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Get More Website Clicks with Pinterest

Do you want to understand how Pinterest can help your  business? How to actually get people over from Pinterest to your website? And then what to do with them if they are on your website? This post is for you! If you are blogging and on Pnterest then this process is...

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Content Creation for Intuitives

Reframing your content creation. Sometimes it feels really hard to sit down and create content for your business. There are all the "have to's" and "should's". Plus, you know you want to but actually making content can feel horrible and torturous. Reframing I have...

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Instagram Hashtags for Your Business

Ever since Instagram introduced the algorithm, hashtags have become vital for being discoverable and growing your audience. Today I want to talk to you about Instagram hashtags what they are, how they work and what you should be using as hashtags for your Instagram...

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Crafting a beautiful customer journey

Some people call the customer journey a sales funnel. Are you confused about what a funnel is? Do you have free products, mid tier products, and high ticket products?  Are you feeling like people aren't really converting into the high ticket products as much as you...

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