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This package turns ideas into reality. An initial 1-hour session to get clarity. Then, see me once a week or fortnight to get over any tech hurdles or other issues blocking you. Let’s birth some eBabies.

secret ninja skill:

turns ideas into reality

how does she do it?

clarity and Action package.

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If you’ve been in this game for any length of time you know that coming up with awesome ideas is not the challenge. The problem is that there is only one of you. If only there was 5 of you, right?

Or maybe you are great with getting stuff done but the tech has you on your knees.

Or maybe you are good with tech and getting stuff done but you need someone to spark with to tease out and develop some new approaches to your business.

Either way, the Clarity and Action Package is a great way to untangle the spaghetti in the head.

How does it work?

initial one-hour

Clarity session

in the one-hour session, we look at where you are right now, where you want to be and how to get you there.

We set timelines, allocate tasks and unpack any immediate tech hitches.

four to eight weeks

Take action

your choice of 4 weekly (or fortnightly) 30-minute sessions.

I help you stay on track by supporting you with tech crisis’, charting new territory with you or coaching you through wobbles.

What you get

the results

People who have completed the Clarity and action package achieved what they set out to do.

if you are sick of trying and failing or not even trying i reckon this could be your ticket to ride.

“When you get all the mess of ideas, have-to’s and confusion out of your head, you can take action more effectively. When you have a helper in an ongoing way, you really start to bring your ideas to life.”

Yeah but how much does it cost?

It’s currently only $333

What do I get?

1 x 1-hour session

4 x 30-minute session

5 x emailed action steps

lots x results

ONLINE: Face to face sessions are conducted using Zoom (just like Skype). When you book you will be given instructions for using Zoom if you haven’t before. 

BEGA: I can do in-person sessions with people in Bega. I have been meeting people at the Funhouse in Hill St Bega and very soon will be seeing people in my new home office. 

In praise of clarity & Action

Kristy Sproates - Appy Connections

Natasha is excellent at what she does and is doing. She gently guides you to understand your own individual marketing needs AND then makes it happen.

Melanie J White - Wellness Coach

Natasha makes things so incredibly easy, doable and simple with humour and extreme patience. Even for us ridiculously un-techy people who get fearful and become paralysed with inaction.

We start each session feeling proud of having achieved our clearly defined action steps (with ease) and then nut out the details of what’s next. It’s all about what we need at the time and Natasha listens and explains so simply and clearly. Then we laugh, rant, and finish each session with a tangible sense of relief and hope that we can jump over our barriers with her support. Or sometimes, even better, we have already jumped over them in the session.

I think what I love most is Natasha’s honesty and true sense of caring for her clients. It’s wonderful to feel so supported as we navigate the how-to of social media and tech. Looking forward to the next round!

Kim Houssenloge - Feather and Nest Blog

I have to say, Natasha has been absolutely inspirational in helping me get my online business on track. For years I’ve been slaving away at trying to work out how to create good quality content online and promote it using social media. It turns out I really had no clue. After working with Natasha in 2017 I have now got a strong focus for my business and the strategies to match. Natasha is a wealth of information and has this amazing knack at being able to quickly see where you’re at and realise where you need to head.

I now feel like I have the skills to grow my business as well as a support person, a mentor, who I can turn to when I need. She is like an answer to my business prayers!

I wish I had found Natasha years ago!

Mitlé Southey - Women's Circle Mentor

You’re so gorgeous!! I cannot even imagine how far back I would be without you! Your support means the world to me and I am so grateful that you take every random request and crazy idea in your stride. Love you!! xx

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