Have you been posting regularly on social media?
Are you running ads?
Do you have your email marketing established?
 Are you getting the results you would like?
Do you feel like you are missing a piece to the marketing puzzle?


Being in business means that there are many moving parts to manage simultaneously. You really want to be doing the work you love to do rather than marketing. You know you need clarity about a marketing strategy and a plan with the steps and actions you need to take. You are ready to be supported by a marketing team with the skills that will position you as an expert in your field and also attract the right kind of clients.

For a while you have been posting on social media, paying for ads or boosting posts yet without a fully formed plan of action and with results that leave you questioning whether the online space is really for you. It often feels like you are taking reactionary steps rather than leading the way.

Maybe you simply don’t have the time to sit in front of the computer to do all the work or you feel you aren’t a good writer or visually creative. Maybe it just feels like you’re wasting time.

The Premium Business Marketing Service is a high touch, top quality service for businesses that are ready to succeed online and that want to connect with their ideal client effectively and easily.

You will get the most up to date online marketing advice and have a high quality team delivering exceptional work. All aspects of your online presence will be integrated so you stop wasting time doing a bit here and a bit there. Essentially, you will have a high quality marketing department making all the moves for you while you serve your clients at what you do best.

Natasha is a warm-hearted, supportive, arse kicker who knows how to get you online and make real change in your business. Natasha manages a team of carefully curated professionals, #bertaMarketing, who will fully support you each step of the way and who are dedicated to helping you succeed. This team includes a copywriter who translates your beautiful sparkly ideas into content that attracts your kind of clients. You will have a graphic designer who visually represents you, your work and your brand authentically. You will have VA who can help you with the bits you need to do, yet don’t want to do.

You might think “I don’t have time” or that you don’t know enough about marketing. Maybe you think you can’t afford it. What is the real cost of frittering away time and money reacting in an ad-hoc way whilst your competitors get ahead?

Now is the time to take action with your marketing strategy. The sooner you get online and start collecting data on your ideal clients the sooner you can start running super successful campaigns and achieve the results you are seeking.

The intensive and highly personalized nature of this full suite service means that there are only a limited number of client places available.

Change takes time and effort. We are dedicated to your success.

Are you ready to take the first step?

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