A guilt-free way to have me cast a quick eye over something, give feedback on content or processes and do a quick task whenever you like. 

various packages

more options available to suit your budget & needs

what I can do:

tech support

feedback on content

feedback on processes

tasks and more….

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I cannot even imagine how far back I would be without you! Your support means the world to me and I am so grateful that you take every random request and crazy idea in your stride!

Mitlé Southey, @

Natasha makes things so incredibly easy, doable and simple with humour and extreme patience. Even for us ridiculously un-techy people who get fearful and become paralysed with inaction.

Mel White, @

I now feel like I have the skills to grow my business as well as a support person, a mentor, who I can turn to when I need. She is like an answer to my business prayers! I wish I had found Natasha years ago!

Kim Houssenloge, @

Natasha is excellent at what she does and is doing. She gently guides you to understand your own individual marketing needs AND then makes it happen.

Kristy Sproates @ Appy Connections

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