Your work is my play. Let’s see how I can help.

What I Do


I can build, maintain or alter your website. Do you have website shame? Maybe you have no website. 

Social Media

I can advise you so your feed is amazing or I can manage your social media for you. 


Email Marketing

Make sure you’re using this awesome tool to your advantage. Build relationships and sell using email.


Marketing Strategy

Stop making ad-hoc decisions. Let’s get strategic and act with intention. Align your vision with your daily actions. 

eCourse Creation

Are you full of ideas about an eCourse but need a hand to bring it to life. Don’t get lost in the tech jungle. Let me help you. 

Sales Funnels

Love and nurture your prospective clients while you take them on their customer journey. I can help you link all the bits to create a love-infused sales funnel. 



Sometimes, just knowing you’re going to followed up on can be super motivating. But these accountability sessions are more than guilt! I also help you overcome hurdles with a mix of coaching and tech support.

Technology Coaching

You know you need the tech to grow your business but maybe trying to do something on the computer basically paralyses you. I can help you navigate the tech wilderness. 

Done for You

You know what needs to happen. You know how to do it. You know you don’t want to do it. I am all over a LOT of systems and can probably just do it for you. 

the options

Clarity and action

This powerful package is going to literally give you Clarity and support you while we take Action on your ideas. The Clarity and Action Package is made up of: 

One x 1-hour Clarity and Strategy Session to deep dive, unpack all the ideas, set timelines and action plans & allocate tasks. 

Four x 30-minute Accountability and Breakthrough Sessions.

The complete package lasts either 4 weeks or 8 weeks.

Learn more about this game-changer package here:

The retainer

The Retainer is great when you need someone to cast an eye over things, give you expert feedback, do a quick task or jump on a call with you for an immediate breakthrough on that tech crisis. 

Structured to suit your budget, Retainers start at $30 a month and can stretch to suit your personal business needs. 

This is a perfect package to follow up Clarity and Action Package or a Website build. Make sure your website is always displaying beautifully and functioning without any glitches or get a hand during that fast growth period. Learn more here:


How is your website going?

Have you got a dose of website shame?

Maybe you have no website. 

I have a few different options available. I can also do website rebuilds, rebrands, maintenance and tweaks. Check out all the options here: 

the free 15 minute chat

Still wondering whether the #berta scene is for you?

Still wondering what the heck I do and whether I could actually help YOU? 

I love meeting people and having a chat. I’m really happy to have a free 15-minute chat to say HI and see if we are a good fit for working together. No commitment, 

Natasha makes things so incredibly easy, doable and simple with humour and extreme patience. Even for us ridiculously un-techy people who get fearful and become paralysed with inaction.

Melanie White @ Melanie J White

Natasha has been absolutely inspirational in helping me get my online business on track. For years I’ve been slaving away at trying to work out how to create good quality content online and promote it using social media. I now feel like I have the skills to grow my business as well as a support person, a mentor, who I can turn to when I need. She is like an answer to my business prayers!

Kim Houssenloge @ Feather and Nest

I often think my business is kind of obscure because it is personal development and experiential training with focus on mental, spiritual physical aspects of awareness. It is totally refreshing to find someone who gets that and has a depth of life experience which helps facilitate practical changes with real understanding of your spiritual or heart centered business. I highly recommend.

Kara Leonard @ Inspired Flow

I’m ready when you are! Don’t go it alone. Let’s get cracking and turn those ideas into reality – together.

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