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Module 1 Welcome to the Summit VIP All Access Pass
Unit 1 Welcome Video  
Module 2 Share Your Brilliance Course
Unit 1 How this works + The Resource Document  
Module 3 $50 Credit with Connected Marketing
Unit 1 Your $50AUD credit - how to spend it  
Module 4 Join the Client / Student ONLY Facebook Group
Unit 1 Join the Client / Student ONLY Facebook Group  
Module 5 Exclusive Live Sessions During the Summit
Unit 1 Join us for the Exclusive Live sessions  
Module 6 Monday Presentations: Mindset Magic
Unit 1 Bingz Huang: Embody Energetic Expansion Through Movement To Attract the Right Clients  
Unit 2 Inma Piquers Ramos - Communicate The Value Of Your Work With Power And Assertiveness  
Unit 3 Jason Schneider - Identifying & Transforming Limiting Beliefs for Accelerated Implementation  
Unit 4 Natasha Berta: Mindset to Launch - lessons from promoting this summit  
Unit 5 Nik Chung: How To Expand and Grow Your Business With ONE Energy Fix  
Unit 6 Claire Kerslake - How to Quieten Your Inner Critic  
Unit 7 Claire Tait: The gold lies in your Meridians  
Module 7 Tuesday Presentations: Sustainable Business
Unit 1 Karen Humphries: Introducing Ease & Grace Into Your Business  
Unit 2 Michelle Whitehead: Business Foundations - Legals As An Act Of Love  
Unit 3 Francesca Kober Sauls: The Biggest Website Mistakes That are Costing You Clients (And How to Fix Them)  
Unit 4 Bridget Avgoustakis: Astrology Forecast for the rest of 2022 in Business  
Unit 5 Trish Everett: Managing Conflict with Clients  
Unit 6 Natasha Berta: How I use Asana - CRM, Organise Ideas, my team, project management, Launch planner + my own life  
Unit 7 Carlie Mills: USE YOUR VOICE to Connect More Deeply with Self, Optimise Your Energy, Create Clarity, Calm, & Easeful Productivity in Your Sustainable Business  
Module 8 Wednesday Presentations: Sharing Your Brilliant Content
Unit 1 Chantal Khoury: Tap into Content Creation  
Unit 2 Aesha Kennedy: Create and Share without Attachment: A talk and experiential art-making session to release perfectionism and empower your creativity  
Unit 3 Shailaja V: Authentic Connection without the Overwhelm - How to Create Content and Build a Business Using the Organic Approach  
Unit 4 Natasha Berta: Create Flow in your Content and a peek at my content flow  
Unit 5 Dominique Oyston: Voice + sound healing, goddesses of creativity and an Elohim sound healing  
Module 9 Thursday Presentations: Your Offer
Unit 1 Lucine Eusani: Movement practice to expand your energy  
Unit 2 Tamara Protassow: Vision Your Book: ditch the overwhelm so you can start your book the right way and actually write in partnership with your inspiration.  
Unit 3 Melanie White: How to Build a Client-Centred Program That Sells Itself  
Unit 4 Katherine Eden: Embodied Spaceholding- reclaim and harness your power and magic to live and create with freedom and authenticity.  
Unit 5 Natasha Berta: Refining Your Offer - 2 important steps  
Module 10 Friday Presentations: Reach more clients
Unit 1 Jana Langford: Queen of your Queendom A guided embodiment practice for you to step into your: Presence | Power | Potency  
Unit 2 George Kao: NetCaring - Word of Mouth to Grow your Audience  
Unit 3 Danielle Gardner: Design Your Quiet Marketing Strategy  
Unit 4 Camilla Sunshine: Why Insight Timer is THE social media platform for healers to grow in  
Unit 5 Natasha Berta: Reach more potential clients with this $1.50 a day Facebook ad  
Unit 6 Kelly Reidy: Integration Practice for expanding your reach  
Unit 7 Natasha Berta: Reach more potential clients with this $1.50 a day Facebook ad  
Module 11 Presenter BONUSES
Unit 1 George Kao: Joyful Productivity Principles & Practices  
Unit 2 Aesha Kennedy: Creative Flow course  
Unit 3 Michelle Whitehead: Setting Intentions with Integrity  
Unit 4 Jason Schneider: 7 Keys for Facilitating Transformational Conversations Home Study Program  
Unit 5 Melanie White: Pilot Program Toolkit  
Unit 6 Inma Piqueras Ramos: Embody your Brilliance  
Unit 7 Carlie Mills: Guided Journey/Sound Healing and 1:1 work discount  
Unit 8 Tamara Protassow: One month free membership in Book.Write.Now  
Unit 9 Dani Gardner: Quiet Marketing eBook  
Unit 10 Chantal Khoury: Kick Stress to the Curb course  
Unit 11 Claire Tait: The Meridian Workout  
Unit 12 Kelly Reidy: Light Language - Moving Forward in Your Business With Ease  
Unit 13 Karen Humphries: Network Like A CEO workbook  
Unit 14 Bingz Huang: From the Womb of Gentleness ebook  
Unit 15 Shailaja V:  
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