New Paradigm Business

Are you joining me for a whole new way to do business?

A way that allows you to honour your energy flow, your responsibilties, your values and your self?

This is an invitation to lay aside what you’ve heard so far in the business and marketing world and listen to your wise inner voice.

It’s a bit of a red pill / blue pill moment and since you are already on your path, why shouldn’t your business be part of your unique approach to life?

Why should you sacrifice all that you hold dear?

We both know that the mainstream ways of being don’t work for you anyway, so let’s go: it’s time to grow your business your way.

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New Paradigm Business


New Paradigm means a new way forward.

Yes – you can follow all the big names in business growth and marketing, and they will teach you certain things that you can do to grow your business.

I am not against all of the methods they teach. In fact I will possibly encourage you and support you as you learn to do some of those things to grow your business.

What I am proposing that is a “new paradigm” is to try to develop the courage to be your wild, radical self in your business rather than being overly polished, rehearsed and to doing things that don’t feel in alignment with your values and beliefs.

The other piece is radical self-care, radical self love and having the courage to honour your pace rather than the hustle and capitalist-driven speed that most business mentors advocate.


Being courageous and authentically “you” in your business will magnetise the right new clients to you.

Hi, I’m Natasha Berta

For 8 years, I’ve been running my own business. I have been though the motions of obsessed over-worker to burnt out crispy and back again a few times (and then some).

I’ve tried a lot of the big name methods for growing my business and ended up not being able to do it. My inner values compass just wouldn’t let me do certain things. I was blocked.

What I realised is that most of those marketing and business growth strategies are exploitative and triggering for most people’s trauma – both the business person and the client! I’m so grateful my values compass wouldn’t let me implement them.

Eventually I got brave and started to try to be just me. My wonderful wacky self. I tried to be completely honest and transparent. And what do you know, I still have a business.

Along the way I’ve helped hundreds of business owners to grow their business without compromising their values. I’ve supported them to take on new challenges and develop businesses where they get paid and feel good.

If you’d like to learn more about me and my story click here.

Natasha is a unique person to work with. She is very honest, clear and direct, which I really appreciate. Natasha is incredibly generous and fair in what she offers, with a lot of free online content and support.

When I work with her, I feel that she really believes in what I do and is invested in getting my services out into the wider community. As a sole trader, I often feel like I have to do it all myself. Working with

Natasha gives me a sense of support and encouragement to step out and be proud of what I do. Its more like being part of a team. And she makes me laugh whilst we work, which is a real bonus.


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