This is a new paradigm for business.

A lot of business mentors will tell you that their strategies are non-mainstream while still teaching you all of the standard online methods for business growth.

In this container with Natasha, you will be a partner in a co-creation while we lovingly discover what the true path for your business is.
A safe space needs to exist for you to take the next steps. Hustle is BS and it doesn’t even work for people like us. It only ends up in burn out and emotional dis-regulation.
Radical Business doesn’t have a curriculum, you can’t be “behind”.

This is an antidote to feeling so alone in your business.

Radical business is what we are creating right now as we step outside the conventional business model and develop courage to be authentic enough to attract the ideal clients for us. Of course you want to grow your business – that means more clients, more revenue, but let’s do that in a whole new way.

You want more of your business to feel good. Less hustle, more spacious.

As a solo business person you are seeking sharing and interconnectedness with other business women

You want your days to have more flow. You want processes that support you. You want connections that nourish you.

Sometimes you think you know what you need to do but you aren’t doing it.

You might have bought that big program, from that big name coach and you need more support than you can get from them to implement all the cool things you’ve learned.

You just want it to stop being so hard all the time.

You want a way to grow that feels aligned.

You want to stay in your integrity.

You want to be inspired.

You want access to reliable tech expertise so you don’t have to figure it all out yourself.

My group programs have supported women to run their first webinar, run their first group program, click “Publish” on their first blog or on their entire website. They have created courses, set up course platforms and created email marketing services. 

I have seen women go outside the comfort zone again and again because they have the safety of the group to cheer them on and celebrate with them, as well as hear how f*&king hard it can feel sometimes. 

Those women have become more confident to be themselves online. To show up as their authentic selves. They’ve started to share more of their brilliance in all the ways: blogs, posting regularity, sharing offers, creating freebies, video creation, book writing and more. 

“Most of all we have each other, to inspire and comfort us. To feel less alone in this process: the solo business woman.”

The inner wisdom of each woman is cherished and nurtured.  

When people hit tech snags, they know they can just jump on a call with me and we will sort it out so they can go ahead with promoting that new course, new program or new business. 

Is this you?

There is so much you want to share and you aren’t doing it!! Because you feel stuck.

You’ve already bought ALL THE PROGRAMS with all the big name people and that didn’t work! 

You are ready for a sparkly project like a course or group program and you really need a hand to bring it to life.

You don’t like what you are hearing in the online marketing world: niche, strategise, advertise, interruption marketing, get attention, be entertaining – NOOOOOOOO.

You want to grow the online part of your business but you hate tech. 

You sit down to do a little thing like write your newsletter, create a website or create an online course and you are greeted with “easy to use” platforms that feel like they are eating your soul.

Something that should take an hour ends up taking all day. 

You want to create content for your social media or website and you just don’t know where to start or what to say.

You aren’t sure which online spaces to show up. 

You don’t know what to share online.

You are pretty sure you can’t be your real self online, because what if your family finds out about the freak flag you love to fly??

You need help with tech.

You know you are smart and should be able to figure this out but you end up in tears every time you try.

You are stalling.

The thing is: you aren’t meant to do this all on your own.

You can have support & encouragement.

You can have accountability and connection. 

The capitalist system wants to keep us separate. Generations of women being pitted against each other is breaking down and now is your time to rest in the comfort of other women who totally get your experience AND get the expertise support of a tech nerd.

It’s no good talking to friends and relatives about your business. You need colleagues. Heart-full biz goddesses who are walking the path with you. 

You need a space to show up and share whatever you’re dealing with, wherever you’re at, at that moment, because what you’re needing can be so diverse. 

You are already a great healer, coach, mentor, astrologer etc. You see the results in your clients.

And now,  you’re trying to be the tech stack legend, accountant, marketer and more for your business.

It is not a group program

There is enough noise in the online space and I do not want to be a contributing factor to your confusion and overwhelm. This is not a 12 week process to walk you through which will help you achieve {x} success. 

What kinds of things do we talk about in Radical Business Circle?

I know there are other programs out there that:

promise to be different

promise to be anti-hustle

talk about feminine marketing strategies

offer high touch mentoring

promise that you don’t need to work hard

And then at the same time

talk about becoming profitable fast

talk about set modules you can work through

want you to niche down too early

talk about increasing conversion

focus on lead magnets

recommend you show up in loads of Facebook groups

are operating in the existing business and broader cultural paradigms

and still essentially shove someone else’s system onto you with the promise of success in 6 easy steps

I know that doesn’t work for us because we are carving out a new paradigm!

Radical Business Circle follows the structure of a women’s circle.

We start each call with:

  • Acknowledgement of Country
  • A review of the lesson for the week and
  • Then we go around the circle and hear where each woman is at.
  • If there is a need for tech support, that is provided, if there is a need for strategy support or idea-storming, that is provided. Sometimes we are available for you to simply be heard.

Radical Business Circle is a balance of feminine (talking it through, being supported and nurtured) and masculine (getting shit done, mastering the tech).

More than anything, I love you. And somehow, that is often enough, but I will also get clear with you on your current project/goal and make recommendations for which course of mine would be right to support you now. 

Also in each call we check in on how your project/goals are progressing. I am an eagle eye for limiting beliefs, old stories and blockages and hope to share my generator energy with you in any way that supports you. 

 You get:

  • Access to one call per week in the group program
  • One additional 30 minute Q&A per week
  • Live course calls on any course and freebie I am running
  • On any given week there is usually at least 2 hours of time with me. 
  • Calls are delivered online using Zoom.
  • Each week I deliver a short training, exclusive to the group
  • You can access to my entire course library which currently includes 18+ courses plus all of the past exclusive MORE+EASE lessons (20+ to date)

I take breaks for all school holidays.

I also take a week off per school term which gives you plenty of time for integration and a break from the grind. 

Call Days and Times


Wednesdays at 2pm

Course Library includes:

Simple Facebook Ads Course

Paid Workshops Training

Grow your Word of Mouth and Referrals

Blogging Best Practices Workshop

Instagram with Integrity Course

Create a Group Program Course

MailChimp Course

Mailerlite Course

Gurucan Course

WP Courseware Course

Setup your Divi theme website Course

Loving Launch Course

Heart+Soul Content Course

SoulBiz Planning Course

Weekly Review Course

YouTube Setup Course

Free and Easy Podcast Course

Webinar webinar for Mailerlite Course

Webinar webinar for MailChimp Course

SEO Course

Grow your business with a blog Course

Get heaps of content ideas without overthinking it Webinar

Canva and Creativity Course

Super Freaking Organised and Consistent

Past Exclusive lesson topics include:

Seasonal Celebration and Planning

A Slightly Different Content Strategy for Instagram (or any platform really)


Reducing Risk

Mental Frames and the Truth About You

How to be brave + take vulnerable actions that create intimacy with your audience

A Pre-launch Energy Practice

Planning to experience EASE

Process Document for free webinars

Process document for course or program creation

Track your progress + Celebrate!

Planning tools for the moon lovers and the practice to overcome that feeling that you’re not getting anywhere even though you know you have been busy all week

Setting Expectations so you can do whatever you want and still have people be SUPER happy with your service

Make a workbook in Canva

Get Your {thing} Out of Your Head

Using Chrome Bookmarks bar and folders

How much {should it cost} {time should it take}

Asana Training – (Asana task management platform)

Google Calendar

Google docs formatting and tips

Webinar Webinar for Divi theme + Mailerlite

Launch Insights – an audio will become a podcast episode

All my summit presentations on one page: HERE

Your Online Presence

Organic Audience Growth

Pre-Launch, Launch + Rest/Integrate

Blogging and SEO for Blogging

Image sizing for your website + Canva tips

Email Marketing – grow – nurture – sell

+ a New module every week

Proposed Courses for April May June 2023:

Grow and Love your Email List

+ one course per month

$324 for 9 weeks of Radical Business Circle

all with loads of payment plan options

If you have been a #berta course junkie and you want more this could be for you. 

If you know you need a community this could be for you.

If you want to see me regularly this could be for you. 

I love supporting women. I love your work. I believe in you. And I believe in us. 

I believe that we have something very important to share with the business world and the world in general. The feminine energy has been excluded from business and capitalism and look at where that has got us all! 

So I want you to sine so we can transform ourselves, our clients, humanity and the planet. 

That’s all 😉

I have been participating in and delivering women’s business and circles for my entire adult life. My early days were yoga focussed and more recently I have been business focussed. Yes I can help you with marketing (I have a degree and 7 years in biz). I am more interested in a shared growth experience where you shine, I shine and we all rise in love.