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Hello Beautiful One

Are you a wild woman who dislikes norms?

I am one of them too!

The women I run with, pave their own way.

They have a lot to say.

And they say FU to “shoulds”!

Or maybe, they’re not quite that shouty.

They just find it hard to follow the regular set of rules about business growth.

I wrote a book for you.

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Book Chapters

Why can’t I do what my mentor tells me? 

How to create content intuitively AND productively 

Those days when you want to throw your laptop at the wall 

What is a sustainable business? 

What is content? And how to make more 

Written Content 

Audio Content 

Video Content 

Published content makes these 3 things so easy! 

How to figure out what to write and blog about 

Where can I find images for my website and social media 

My Sustainable business foundations 

Business building activities

Why breaks are essential as a business owner/mother + what to do with a week off  

Your Offer 

Market research conversations 

How much {should it cost} {time should it take}

Hardship pricing red flags and solutions

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What they are saying:

Practical business wisdom, shared with grounded integrity. Inspirational, too! Highly recommended

George Kao Online Business Mentor

This book wraps me up in love and gives me permission to be me! Your approach is gentle yet honest and I certainly learnt the steps I need to take to create a sustainable business. Thank you for sharing your wisdom in a book. It was so easy to read because I felt like you were sitting across the table from me having an encouraging chat.

Nic Bathurst Plant-based Dietitian

This book will demystify digital marketing with practical, easy to implement steps so you focus on what matters and get things done. Clear examples will take you from overwhelm to aligned action so you take action where it counts so you have solid content to attract your best for clients.

Jana Langford FOUNDER, The Inner Collab

I love the comforting, casual, and yet really useful ideas and suggestions you have in your material! I can so relate to your obstacles, both mentally, emotionally, and technology based and the ways you have overcome them. I know so many others will find many golden gems of wisdom in the pages!

Jacque Mooney Simply the Brain

So down to earth and I swear, it feels like you have been inside my mind when I was dealing with tech gremlins. Wish I had this book back when I started out in my biz. Made me feel like I need to get back into business again.

Caitlin Grace

Right from chapter 1 this book had me hooked!  It is such an easy read full of simple, practical, relatable tips, ideas and advice that have the potential to profoundly alter your success in business.  It has come along at exactly the right time for me and has freed me of so much.  I feel like I have a solid plan for how to move forward now and am really grateful to Natasha for sharing her wisdom and experience, thank you!

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